Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Ready for my Close-up Mr. Demille

I think I'm getting sick with the flu and I have a headache from hell so I feel like this Carol Burnett character. Damn me for not getting a flu shot this year. I am also amazingly and increasingly fascinated with the various pieces of information coming out from our election and its making me feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory as I read different things on web sites I've never visited before. Will I have to line my kitchen with tinfoil or wear it on my head?

What has captured my imagination and interest is why the Republican Party got away with consistently and weirdly rejecting legitimate sources of data that would have been used to fully inform the campaign managers and the candidates on everything. Some of the largest backers of Romney and other GOP hopefuls were Wall Street heavies like BOA and Credit Suisse. I would think they would have had a keen interest in a responsibly run campaign. They had a lot of money on the line.  Obviously, I'm late to the party on this tidbit as everyone else seemed to know this except me.  I remain surprised. I suppose, however, that since I keep up with my news via CNN, TMZ, and find the funnies the best part of any newspaper, I should not be. 

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