Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Fistful of Awesome

I'm pretty pleased with the Internet today. It's almost as good as the day after Eastwooding or as Jon Stewart referred to it "A fistful of awesome."  Today makes me happy because all of my conservative friends are having online tantrums and just totally freaking out via FB while my liberal friends taunt them, gloating and being poor sports in general. It's how I feel when I loose at Monopoly so I can relate.  Here's a couple of snippets:

Cory....I posted my stuff all year, but NEVER once did I tag you to rub your nose in it. You crossed that line. You support a guy who allowed Americans to be murdered by his MUSLIM brethren and tried to cover it up... and the media helped him cover it up. Hillary Clinton bit the bullet and threw herself under the bus. I guess she is angling for Biden's spot should he be deemed incapacitated.

Cheer the deat of the Americans in Benghazi and cheer the deaths of the Americans and MExicans in Fast & Furious. Give your guy a pass.

 - - - - 
Today I am thankful for the unfriend button. I have and will use it at my discretion. I might not be able to fix the world but I can fix what goes on in My FB WORLD. DELETE!
 - - - -
I am very afraid. We re elect such a record and the largest tax increase on small business and middle class, I am afraid for our nation.
 - - - 
Wow. I'd like to see what would happen if this was a Republican candidate. I thought it was the Republicans always committing voter violation? Just ask the Democrats, they'll tell you.
  - - - - 

Enough of the snippets from my angry friends.  I think ultimately Rachel Maddow really summed-up what is going on with our Republicans and it's all in the statistical data (isn't it always). Karl Rove apparently was the person who was calling upon Fox news to reject the vote count last night and for Romney to not to concede the election. Rove deemed the data was fraudulent and invalid as apparently he knows best and everyone listens. These are non-partisan entities that provide us with these statistics year after year and if indeed the Republicans are rejecting valid data sources, it would explain why Romney has been so directionless. Bad data means bad decisions.  

On another note here in the fine state of TX, One of our Republican congressman said he will reject anything from Obama. So apparently he won't even review a policy, just outright reject it.  Last time I checked, if I went to work with that attitude, I'd be fired.  What do you think?


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