Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Feel Like Crying

Well I guess if there's a contest to win NaBloPoMo - I have lost. However, I shall still carry-on.

Today is election day and I watched this on CNN and it makes me want to cry.  If I could send a message to President Obama it would be "I am very proud of you." Tomorrow my daughter turns 10 and she is of the generation that doesn't see race and ethnicity as an identifier of a person. She is completely color-blind and she and is completely nonplussed by the fact that our President is African American. To me, that validates how far we as a nation have come in a short amount of time. However, there is still work to be done. My daughter recently told me that she heard a girl on the bus confiding in another friend (yes, my daughter is a class-a eavesdropper - a skill I encourage) about another girl who makes fun of her because she is Mexican.  I asked my daughter what she thought and she said, "That's not nice." I agree but didn't tell her that kids learn that type of thing from their parents and adults who see these things sometimes don't intercede. Add that to the "rule by exclusion" culture that makes-up the world of women and you have a potent mix. I worry for my daughter when I think too hard about this because all I want is for her to be her own person. My parents always told me "wear beige and keep your mouth shut" when I would discuss those types of things with them. We were never encouraged to go against the status quo in my family and I am pretty mild mannered as a result (this did not affect my sister who is a warrior woman, but that's another blog). Wear beige and keep your mouth shut is also not something I'd ever teach my child. I don't want her to end-up as uncomfortable as I feel when I have to confront someone about something negative.

By the way, if I could send a message to Mitt Romney it would be "I am terrified that you might hold the secret codes to our nuclear arsenal. Wear beige and keep your mouth shut, ass-hat."  I guess I can't send that but I'd like to.


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