Friday, November 9, 2012

Crazy Straw or Regular?

Not that I will get to go, because that would require finding a sitter and considering we've lived here for a month, we know very few people. However, the new Bond flick, Skyfall, opens today and I wish I could go see it with my husband! I love Daniel Craig as James Bond and although I am a Roger Moore devotee, as he is the Bond of my youth, Craig is the best Bond there ever was. Besides being exceptionally easy on the eyes, he's a fascinating actor in all of his movies. I think his revamped Bond is conflicted, weary, and intense. I love his interactions with Judi Dench as Q, which adds a dark levity to the movies that I enjoy.  However, I truly love Daniel Craig in this role and I loved him in the Olympic opening ceremonies (I admit the Welsh corgis might have stole the show on that one), too.  What is Daddy sauce, by the way? Is it that brown sauce Brits put on sandwiches? I think it might be and that is one nasty condiment. It involves onions and nothing remotely dill or pickley?  I lived in Aberystwyth, Wales for a year and my first meal -  a Plowman's lunch that I grabbed at Euston station before hoping the train to Shrewsbury nearly gagged me on that first bite because of the "pickle." I thought pickle was a pickle not whatever that brown sauce was.  Gaaaaaa!  I can still taste it and I can still hear the vendor chuckling when he saw me dig in to my sandwich. In true British fashion, he knew.


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